Research and development

As part of our innovation we have invested in new product offerings and a professional team of interior designers, architects, and surveyors to ensure our products are of superior quality.

  • GXGCS1 1200 x 1200 Capacity: 1 person

    The booth solution, perfect for a phone call or as a place to close off the office hubbub.

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  • GXGCS2 2400 x 1200 Capacity: approx.2 people

    This 3 sqm cube is excellent for small ad hoc meetings, flash presentations and one-to one conversations.

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  • GXGCS3 2400 x 2400 Capacity: approx.4 people

    The GXGCS3 Cube provides a comfortable workstation which promotes productivity and innovation.

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  • GXGCL1 – 3200 x 3200 Capacity: approx.6 people

    This 10sqm sized cube is perfect for teamwork up to six people. It can feature both the GX Frameless and Framed door.

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  • GXGCL2 3200 x 4800 / GXGCL3 3200 x 6400 Capacity: approx.8-10 people

    The largest available Gem Cubes, GXGCL2 and GXGCL3 mirror the same sizes of normal meeting rooms – but moveable.

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