Total System


Our system gx, an highly flexible and technologically advanced architectural system. It is characterized by the most complete synergy between the different elements, to design a work environment based on the most particular needs.

With gx, gemino has developed an integrated wall-lighting-counter-ceiling-floor system of absolute technical and aesthetic value. A fulcrum capable of generating, at the same time, unprecedented results in terms of technological performance, especially in terms of acoustic performance, as well as energy optimization and space flexibility.

The widespread integration of the various components generates a context in which the plant design merges into the architectural design. The building envelope, conceived under the sign of total integration, becomes a work space where aesthetic pleasure and technological performance appear to be inextricably linked.

Among the latest innovations in the integrated architecture of gemino, the innovative lighting system incorporated in the false ceiling and the development of the external façade, in perfect technical-aesthetic union with the gx walls.



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