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Gemino System symbolises Italian workmanship and attention to detail, the tradition continues with years of expertise within the partitioning sector.  Gemino System is the solution to engineering out all the difficulties experienced by other similar systems.  Veteran Ruggero Grandi with all his years of industry experience continues to partner with Gemino Systems, bringing forth new innovative multifunctional products.


Taking each project from the initial concept through to manufacture installation and ongoing maintenance, Gemino System provides a fully comprehensive service that enables us to fulfil our client’s expectations.  Delivering high-quality designs on demand has rewarded us with many valued partnerships within the industry.


Whether it be airports, factories, offices, shopping centres, schools, universities or any other building, we can take on both large and smaller projects.  Every client and project receive our full attention to detail, focusing on every aspect of the project as well as planning with the future in mind.


Client satisfaction works hand in hand with Gemino System products. We continue to innovate, pushing the boundaries in the interest of our clients, we truly look forward to hearing from you with an opportunity to build a partnership.

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